Wedding Reception Lights and DJ Services………….

Let’s talk about your A/V, DJ, and lighting needs.  Most DJ- A/V companies can help with the whole wedding package including your Ceremony Music, DJ Services, A/V for presentations, Audio for podium and of course, your Lighting. 

If you are not having live music at your ceremony, the musicians are self-sufficient and you need not worry about a sound system.  If you opt for recorded, predetermined ceremony music, your DJ-A/V company will be able to help with setting this up for you.  You don’t need to be fussing over whether the CD player is working and queued on the right song to accompany you down the aisle.

For your dance, consider the age range of your guests so you can provide music that will appeal to all.   Your DJ may offer the ability for special requests in advance of the party so they can ensure they will have what you will want to hear. 

You may decide to have a slideshow with an intimate array of family photos including those amusing childhood photos of the bride and the groom.   If you have already chosen your DJ, make sure you let them know what you are planning on the A/V front.  Believe it or not there have been more than a few times that the DJ is told at the last minute that a presentation is intended and he is not prepared.  He has not brought the equipment to make that happen.  If you are lucky, he is within distance to be able to get what he needs but it will cost you.  I know that with all the excitement surrounding your wedding day, you have talked about the presentation so much that you just assume you have let your DJ know.  Make sure you add “Presentation” to the list of things that need to be discussed with your DJ so you are not disappointed at the last moment.  If he is unable to provide what you need, you will then have time to look at Plan B.

If the venue does not offer a sound system attached to the room for the podium, this is also something to consider as there is nothing worse than sitting at a back table and not being able to hear any of the speeches and banter going on at the podium.  Once again, this can likely be looked after by your DJ - A/V company.  If nothing else, they can provide a simple amp with a plug-in microphone so that everyone can hear clearly.

I find that often brides think about lighting needs when they are choosing décor and backdrops, which does make sense but your DJ or A/V company is really the place to ask about lighting.  You may get a better deal on the uplights as they are bringing all of the audio equipment and looking after your evening.  As decorator, I am happy to provide the uplights but I need to rent them from an A/V company and transport them and install them.

I have had a the pleasure of working with lots of excellent A/V companies and DJ’s over the years,  of note;  Atlantic AudioPro, Brooks DJ Entertainment, Basil, True North,  Mac and Hawes, Sound Systems+,  Classy DJ Services, to name just a few of the excellent companies out there.  Do your homework before hiring for your wedding day.  Make sure you are hiring credible, trustworthy, experienced and compatible people to create yourfabulous and flawless wedding day.  If the deal sounds too good to be true… may be right!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Henry Bucher