Flowers are personal........

Flowers touch our senses and our emotions…..each and every one is an amazing creation as individual as each of us.  They are colour candy for our eyes and we are irresistibly drawn.  To me they are a little like kittens…..I can’t help but go over and see, feel, enjoy.  They are simply delightful!    

I thoroughly enjoy working with flowers but acknowledge that I am not an expert.   I do, however, instinctively know what looks pleasing and believe I have a natural creativity.  When I am designing a guest table for a bride, flowers are often the focal point.  They certainly work with all of the other room décor to create the “wow” factor.   I also so enjoy creating the urns and ceremony flower arrangements.  I have received lots of great feedback and complements on my flower arrangements.

Flowers are a big budget item for your wedding day but that is not to say that you can’t find a florist that could work within your budget.  You need only ask.  Don’t just go by the prices you see on their website.  Ask what they can do for the amount of money you have allotted. 

A word of caution if you are considering DIY.  Check out the online articles and tips about bridal flowers.  I fear that one of the biggest mistakes a bride may make is deciding to do flowers themselves to save money.  From my own experience and from the replies I periodically get from brides, there are at least two different local stores that brides choose for their DIY flowers.  I try to dissuade them from going this route because quite honestly, it has been a disaster for me on more than one occasion.  Let me explain.  I usually purchase my flowers wholesale from out of town but this comes with having to preplan and carries a delivery fee and minimum order required.  If I am doing a table mockup at my home office for a bride booked just days out or I am taking part in a tradeshow, I do not need bulk flowers, nor do I need them to last any great length of time but I have a reasonable expectation.   I am not talking about flowers I have purchased at half price by any means.  The flowers look fresh but I really don’t know how long they have been sitting in the store, at room temperature.  I have had to repurchase flowers on my way to a tradeshow because the ones I purchased a day or two ahead are blown and wilted even with careful processing and keeping them cool.  I know stores offer guarantees but that is really worth nothing on your wedding day when you no longer have bouquets you can be proud of.    

Flowers are very personal and choosing the right florist for you can be difficult.  The best way to find the florist for you is by recommendations from friends and family so you can compile names.  These recommendations come to you with the comfort of trust.  Have a look at websites and testimonials.  You can then contact the florists and meet.  You will ultimately go with a florist style you like and a florist you feel comfortable with.  

Some key pieces of information you should share with your florist includes descriptions of the wedding dress, bridesmaids dress colors (bringing a fabric colour swatch is helpful) and pictures of arrangements you like and don't like.

When choosing your flowers, to be cost conscious, ask what is in season.  You can, of course, get most flowers year round but some come with a heftier price if the flower is not in season. 

Select flowers with special meaning.  Most flowers have a specific meaning, for example, Gardenia means  joy, Holly means domestic happiness, Hydrangea means perseverance, Ivy means fidelity while Calla Lilies mean regal, Orchids mean delicate beauty and Zinnias mean thoughts of absent friends.  Roses have meanings depending on colour (as do some other flowers) for example, Pink Rose means admiration/appreciation, Red Rose is passionate love, White Rose is purity and Yellow Rose is friendship. 

Whatever your choice, enjoy this experience.  Leave your flowers to someone you trust and there will be one less thing that you don’t have to think or worry about on your wedding day.  You will be much busier than you think leading up to your wedding day.  Friends and family will be arriving in the days prior and everyone will want to see you and spend time.  You will not have the time that you think you will have and flower processing and bouquet preparation will take hours.  

Enjoy the upcoming long weekend!

Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.
— Louise L. Hay