Not so with weddings.........

When it comes to corporate décor work, I can usually count on using the same individual corporate colour palette year to year.  For the most part, there is no guess work here.  Gala dinners are where the look and palette varies introducing a specific theme or a classic black/white/gold or silver with perhaps a pop colour.  Corporate is far more predictable  and there is great comfort in that as the amount of inventory necessary to decorate an event of sizable proportions is immense so I don’t want to be changing it year to year.   I have a wonderful assortment of linens, centrepieces and props specifically aligned to corporate décor business.  I am always thinking of how to present a unique look year to year for my corporate clients.  The thing is, I don’t have to be constantly wondering what colour changes I need to make this year in the corporate world.

Not so with weddings…….

As I come into the wedding season once again, the favorite colours for the year are making themselves apparent in all of the wedding sites and online photo galleries.  When the specific palette is requested more than twice, it is a trend for me and if I don’t have it in my inventory, I know I need to get it.

Colour trends are curious.  I am heading into my third wedding season and originally I thought that there would be a logical progression and development year to year from one palette and theme to another.  I thought this would be through a variation on colour and an addition of “items” to enhance or change the look slightly.  Themes would evolve and with them, the colour trends within the theme.   For instance, I had thought that the logical enhancement or progression from “Rustic” would be to a “King’s Feast” look which would be swapping rounds for banquets with lots of fruit and candles and medieval fare.  This would be a dressed up affair with rich textures and colours, marsala/chocolate/orange/berry, especially in the fall.

Much to my surprise, the newest trend 2016/17 seems to be pastels and in particular, blue/green palette and the blush/cream/ivory palette.  I am being asked to design a more refined, elegant look with lots of flowers and candles to accompany these colours.  I would define this as a Classic Vintage theme.

As a designer this Classic Vintage theme is wonderful for introducing very individualistic elements into the décor.  Every wedding has a different look, no matter that the palette remains the same for many.  There is so much to work with here and it is delightful.  The end result in this theme is always gorgeous, full blown, over-the-top --- WOW!  

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love working with the “Rustic” of last year which offered its own individual tastes and looks.  This year my “Rustic” will look a little different again and I absolutely enjoy that.  Working in totally different artistic directions with each theme with the latest variations, keeps me fresh and thinking.  I love the challenge of providing each and every bride a totally new, special look created just for them.  

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
— Mother Teresa