My heart is here on the East Coast .......

I simply love all of the interesting places that I have discovered in Nova Scotia through my business!  I am originally from Ontario and didn’t move to the East Coast until 1988 (Saint John, New Brunswick).  It wasn’t until 2001 that I moved to Nova Scotia.  I absolutely love it here!  I go back to Ontario to visit family but I would never move back.  My heart is here on the East Coast! 

Just to demonstrate my point about discovering interesting places, I am heading to Arisaig today.  Arisaig is a little off the beaten track and this will be my second visit to the area.  I dropped in last Fall just to get the lay of the land while corresponding with a potential bride who was wedding planning from Alberta.  I have since secured this wedding for August 2016 so today I am meeting the Bride and Groom for the first time and we will have a site visit.

Arisaig is located on Route 245 on the Sunrise Trail, along the North Shore.  It was settled in 1785 and is the oldest parish of Catholic Highland settlers in Nova Scotia according to information located on the Arisaig website (which is a very interesting read, I might add).  There is so much history here from the geology to the pioneers.  The article goes on to say that the present church, of Gothic design, was built in 1816 and completed in 1878 and was dedicated to St. Margaret of Scotland.  The photo is one I took last fall.  The couple will be married here.  How beautiful! 

What a gorgeous little piece of paradise Arisaig is.  I know it is probably bleak and terribly cold during the winter on that north coast, but there are so many beautiful spots of scenery along the road.  In the true sense of area history, this wedding will be a Scottish affair including the wearing of the clan tartan by the groom’s family.  I suspect there may also be many other tartans showing the area roots.  Arisaig has its very own tartan which is well described in the website  I will be decorating the Parish Hall (built in 1989 to replace the old school hall) for a traditional dinner/reception to seat 175.   The Parish Hall serves as a gathering place for the community.   It is always interesting turning a community centre into an intimate dinner venue with all the trappings.  Trying to make sure everyone has a seat and then making the hall look wedding -wonderful is a challenge I always enjoy.  I will cover the décor in my blog following the wedding at the beginning of August.  It will certainly be a transformation. 

Aside from the wedding, which will draw my full attention while I am there, I fully intend to go back to Arisaig in the heat of the summer, perhaps toting a couple of grandkids.  There seems to be so much to explore and a wonderful warm beach to play on.

I believe that one of the most important things to learn in life is that you can make a difference in your community no matter who you are or where you live. I have seen so many good deeds — people helped, lives improved—because someone cared.
— Rosalynn Carter