Mission Accomplished!

Wow!  This has been a tremendous, hot, sunny summer and I’m sure tourism is booming!  We headed to Arisaig on the evening of August 3rd for set up morning  of August 4th.  We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather, but thank goodness the hall was air conditioned. 

Dressing up a town hall is always a challenge.   A wedding in town is a curiosity and I had my fair share of folks dropping in to have a look and to offer suggestions on set up.  I was told several times over the couple of set up days that I was not following what was the ”norm” for the hall.  I then knew I was on the right track.  I am always looking to provide the “unique” and “unusual” so I did my thing.  Most appreciated the change and I was happy with the end result. 

The groom’s team was onsite on Thursday to rearrange tables and place chairs.  All the tables were banquet and we created a King’s Feast look with long rows of tables of 20 running perpendicular to the head table.    

Once the tables and chairs were placed, my team methodically worked from one side to the other, covering chairs and tables, putting up ceiling décor and back drop and fine tuning.  White, burlap and navy with pearls was the base for the room.  By the time we arrived, the families had proudly displayed all of the different tartans on the walls around the room, signifying the different clans represented from the area.  The tartans added a wonderful touch to the overall décor in the room with a sense of history and belonging.

We actually put in an 8 hr day on Thursday and managed to get almost everything completed.  That just left the flowers for the centrepieces and bits of detail to do the next day so we were in great shape.  It is lovely when everything comes together beforehand.  Reduced stress for everyone involved, including the wedding party.

As Friday August 5th dawned, the day was gorgeous and I knew this was going to be another beautiful wedding day.  We headed back to Arisaig from New Glasgow to place the final touches.  I was pleased with the finished product but more importantly, the bride and groom were delighted.  Mission accomplished!